Markus A. McDaniel, I, was born and raised in Washington, DC the middle child of three. With an older brother and younger sister, he learned at an early age how to play mediator!! “Listening” quickly became a skill that would prove over the years to be useful in making a positive, life-altering impact not only for those relationships closest to him, but also to others he would eventually come across in his life journey who desired guidance and structure in their own lives and relationships. As a husband of one, and father of four (along with several God-children and adopted children who’ve blessed him with a parental position in their life), Pastor Markus has always shared the motto: “Say what you mean, and mean what you say!” He understands that clear, concise communication is the catalyst for peaceful coexistence among people!

Based upon this philosophy, Pastor Markus has followed God throughout his life, allowing the Lord to place him in strategic positions, where there he was able to use the skills and talents as a Life Coach, Relationship Consultant, Marriage Counselor, and Motivational Speaker to assistant countless men and women in learning more about themselves and their significant other.

Pastor Markus, along with his wife Vetta, co-founded the Happy Spouse Happy House Marriage Enrichment Seminar, which is designed and dedicated to growing happy marriages around the world! Through this platform and together, Pastor Markus & Lady V specialize in assisting couples with understanding how the stability of marriage and family can provide them with unparalleled happiness in life!

As the Senior Pastor of United Faith Fellowship Church of God, in Meadville, PA, God has given Pastor Markus a passion to teach men & women of all ethnicities how to cultivate, strengthen, and build a personal relationship wit hGod, thus bonding them closer to one another in life and in love! Pastor Markus is currently serving as the 1st Vice President of the National Men’s Ministry, an auxiliary of the National Association of the Church of God, headquartered in West Middlesex, PA.

Pastor Markus has shared spiritual and practical enlightenment through such empowering mediums as the Divine Voice Magazine, in which he authored a column entitled “From A Man’s Point of View“, which is now in Blog form. This and other Social Media avenues, along with books and presentations produced through the influence of the Holy Spirit, allows Pastor Markus the chance to share with the world the revelations given him by God!

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– George Bernard Shaw