What’s up everybody?! FAMPOV here!

Today’s View Point involves benchmarks. It’s two months into the New Year, and I must say its going very well! Despite the world wind of craziness that’s happening in the world around me, I’ve still managed to maintain momentum to building a solid foundation for the future!

Last time we spoke I told you about my outlook on myself. How I see the New Year as a new opportunity to see me in a new way! Well, so far its paying off!! New me perspective is truly opening new doors and opportunities for me to see new things in life and in love and even in liberty! Yes, corny as it may sound, my new perspective gives me new freedoms in life I never knew before!

I’m free to laugh, live, love, and let go. I’m free to say no, say yes, and say nothing! Mostly, my new perspective helps me to be free to see the truth about a lot around me. A lot of the people around me, a lot of the world around me. A lot of even the beauty in nature around me! When was the last time you stopped and looked at the simple beauty and magnificence of God’s creation we call Earth?!

Fam, let me tell you, as this first quarter of the new year comes to a close, now’s the perfect time for you to start your new perspective too! So what if January has come and gone! You’re here today! Start now, don’t wait till next year! Don’t let another moment go by without changing your mind about how you see everything you see!

Once you decide to “see” differently, I promise you, you’ll find life will be different!! If your not already subscribed, go now, right now, to your nearest Books-A-Million, Krogers, Harris Teeter, Publix, Kmart, or Food Lion! Get your copy of Divine Voice Magazine today! I’m telling you, its not your average magazine! Best of all, you’ll find our indepth looks at life and everything in it in the “From A Man’s Point of View” bi-monthly column.

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See About It! Be About It!